AB 109: Eligible 1170(h) Felonies List

Disclaimer: This is a list of statutes expressly amended by AB 109/117/116/X1 17. This list does not include the following codes: Vehicle Code, Business & Professions, Welfare & Institutions, Civil, Corporations, Education, Elections, Financial, Fish & Game, Food & Agriculture, Government, Harbors & Navigation, Insurance, Labor, Military & Veterans, Public Contract, Public Resources, Public Utilities, Revenue & Taxation, and Water.

List Composed and Edited by Santa Clara County Deputy Public Defender Heather Harris with contributions from Santa Clara University Law Student Michael Donaldson. This list is provided to assist the user; please consult the appropriate code section for verification. Please contact Heather Harris regarding any corrections: [email protected]

v. 10 7 11

Code TypeSectionDescriptionLowerMiddleUpper
PC38Knowingly conceal treason1y4m2y3y
PC67.5(b)Bribery of state ministerial official1y4m2y3y
PC69Resisting or deterring exec officer1y4m2y3y
PC71(a)Threaten to injure public or school employee1y4m2y3y
PC72Present false claim to pub board or officer1y4m2y3y
PC72.5(a)Knowingly seek claims for public funds1y4m2y3y
PC72.5(b)Knowingly seek claims for public funds.1y4m2y3y
PC76(a)Threaten pub official, staff, or family member1y4m2y3y
PC95Influencing of juror, referee, or umpire1y4m2y3y
PC95.1Threatening juror1y4m2y3y
PC96Misconduct of juror, ref, or umpire1y4m2y3y
PC99Conflict of interest by state printer1y4m2y3y
PC107Escape by felon from hospital or reformatory1y4m2y3y
PC109Assist escape from reformatory1y4m2y3y
PC113Manufacturing/selling false citizen documents5y5y5y
PC114Use false docs to conceal true citizenship5y5y5y
PC115.1(b)Use unauthorized signature in campaign advertisement1y4m2y3y
PC136.7Sex offender reveals name of witness w/intent to harass 1y4m2y3y
PC137(b)Induce false testimony by force/threat of force2y3y4y
PC139(a)Credible threat to use force/violence against witness2y3y4y
PC140(a)Threat/violence bc witness assisted police/DA2y3y4y
PC142(a)Officer refuses to arrest1y4m2y3y
PC146a(b)Arrest/search by false public officer1y4m2y3y
PC146e(a)Malicious disclosure of law enforcement contact information w/bodily injury1y4m2y3y
PC148(b)Removal of officer’s weapon while resisting police1y4m2y3y
PC148(c)Removal of officer’s firearm while resisting police1y4m2y3y
PC148(d)Remove firearm from officer engaged in duties1y4m2y3y
PC148.1(a)Falsely report planting of bomb to official1y4m2y3y
PC148.1(b)Falsely report planting of bomb to police1y4m2y3y
PC148.1(c)Falsely report planting of bomb1y4m2y3y
PC148.1(d)Possess/send false bomb to frighten1y4m2y3y
PC148.3(b)Falsely report emergency causing GBI/death1y4m2y3y
PC148.4(b)Tamper w/fire alarm, false alarm w/GBI or death1y4m2y3y
PC148.10Resist proximately causing death/SBI to officer2y3y4y
PC149Assault and battery by officer1y4m2y3y
PC153(1)Compounding or concealing a capital offense1y4m2y3y
PC153(2)Compounding or concealing a felony offense1y4m2y3y
PC156Producing spurious heir2y3y4y
PC157Substitution of child2y3y4y
PC168(a)Prevent warrant from being issued1y4m2y3y
PC171c(a)(1)Bring loaded firearm on state grounds1y4m2y3y
PC171d(a)Bring loaded firearm into/within official state residence1y4m2y3y
PC171d(b)Bring loaded firearm onto official state residence1y4m2y3y
PC181Involuntary servitude/sale of slaves2y3y4y
PC182 + FelonyConspiracy to commit any felonySee pun. forspecificfelony
PC182(a)(2)Conspire to falsely and maliciously indict another1y4m2y3y
PC182(a)(3)Conspire to falsely move any suit or proceeding1y4m2y3y
PC182(a)(4)Conspire to cheat and defraud of property1y4m2y3y
PC182(a)(5)Conspire to commit act injurious to the public1y4m2y3y
PC182(a)(6)Conspire to commit crime against pub official5y7y9y
PC186.10(a)Money laundering >$5,0001y4m2y3y
PC186.10(c)(1)(A)Enhance - Money laundering >$50k <$150k1y1y1y
PC186.10(c)(1)(B)Enhance - Money laundering >$550k <$1mil2y2y2y
PC186.10(c)(1)(C)Enhance - Money laundering >$1mil <$2.5mil3y3y3y
PC186.10(c)(1)(D)Enhance – Money laundering >$2.5mil4y4y4y
PC186.28Knowingly provide firearm to commit a 186.22 felony 1y4m2y3y
PC191.5(b)Vehicular manslaughter-intoxication without gross negligence1y4m2y4y
PC192(b)-193(b)Involuntary manslaughter2y3y4y
PC192.5(b)-193.5(b)Veh mansltr committed during operation of vessel1y4m2y4y
PC210.5Taking of hostage3y5y8y
PC217.1(a)Assault on public official1y4m2y3y
PC218.1Cause train damage/derailment or passenger injury2y3y4y
PC219.1Throw missile at vehicle of common carrier with injury2y4y6y
PC222Administer intoxicant to assist in commission of felony1y4m2y3y
PC236-237(a)False imprisonment with violence/ menace/ fraud/ deceit1y4m2y3y
PC240-241.1Assault on-duty custodial officer1y4m2y3y
PC240-241.4Assault on school peace officer1y4m2y3y
PC240-241.7Assault on juror1y4m2y3y
PC242-243(c)(1)Battery - custodial officer/med/ER person with injury1y4m2y3y
PC242-243(c)(2)Battery - peace officer with injury1y4m2y3y
PC242-243(d)Battery with SBI2y3y4y
PC242-243.1Battery against custodial officer1y4m2y3y
PC242-243.6Battery against school employee with injury1y4m2y3y
PC244.5(b)Assault w/stun gun/less lethal weapon1y4m2y3y
PC244.5(c)Assault officer/fireman with stun gun/less lethal wpn2y3y4y
PC245.6(d)Hazing resulting in SBI/death1y4m2y3y
PC246.3(a)Discharge firearm in gross negligent manner1y4m2y3y
PC247.5Willfully discharge laser at aircraft1y4m2y3y
PC261.5(c)Unlawful sex intrcrse w/ minor who is ≥ 3 yrs younger1y4m2y3y
PC261.5(d)Unlawful sexual intercourse where D > 21 yrs old & CW < 16 yrs old2y3y4y
PC265Force woman to marry1y4m2y3y
PC266bCompel illicit relation by force1y4m2y3y
PC266eHiring of panderer1y4m2y3y
PC266fSelling of person for illicit use1y4m2y3y
PC266gProstituting of wife2y3y4y
PC271Abandonment of child < 14 yrs old1y4m2y3y
PC271aFailure to provide for child < 14 yrs old1y4m2y3y
PC273.6(a)Disobey court w/viol, threat & ≥ 1prior w/in 7yrs1y4m2y3y
PC273.6(a)Disobey court w/injury & ≥ 1prior w/in 1 yr16d2y36d
PC273.65(a)Disobey court w/viol, threat & ≥ 1 prior w/in 7yrs1y4m2y3y
PC273.65(a)Disobey court w/injury & ≥ 1prior w/in 1 yr1y4m2y3y
PC273d(a)Inflict cruel/inhuman corporal punishment on a child2y4y6y
PC278Child stealing by person without custody2y3y4y
PC278.5Child stealing to deprive of custody or visitation1y4m2y3y
PC280(b)Conceal child involved in adoption out of state1y4m2y3y
PC284Marry spouse of another1y4m2y3y
PC288.2(a)Fails to exercise reasonable care in ascertaining age of minor distributes/exhibits lewd material to minor 1y4m2y3y
PC288.2(a)Fails to exercise reasonable care in ascertaining age of minor distributes/exhibits lewd material to minor w/ ≥ 1 prior1y4m2y3y
PC288.2(b)Knowingly distributes/exhibits lewd material to minor 1y4m2y3y
PC288.2(b)Knowingly distributes/exhibits lewd material to minor w/ ≥ 1 prior1y4m2y3y
PC290.4Enh: Use of 290 DOJ  info to commit felony 5y5y5y
PC290.45Enh: Use of 290 law enf info to commit a felony 5y5y5y
PC290.46Enh: Use of 290 internet info to commit a felony 5y5y5y
PC 311.2(a)Bring into state obscene material w/ ≥ 1 specified prior 1y4m2y3y
PC311.5Advertise/sale obscene material w/≥ specified prior 1y4m2y3y
PC311.4(a)Use minor to distribute obscene material 1y4m2y3y
PC311.7Knowingly require another to receive obscene material as a condition of sale w/ 2 priors arising from §§ 311-312.71y4m2y3y
PC313.1Distribute harmful matter to minors w/specified prior 1y4m2y3y
PC337.3Use false name to tout 1y4m2y3y
PC337.7Misrepresent self by false use of license1y4m2y3y
PC337bBribe player/participant to throw sporting event1y4m2y3y
PC337cAccept bribe to throw sporting event1y4m2y3y
PC337dBribe judge of sporting event1y4m2y3y
PC337eAccept bribe by sporting official1y4m2y3y
PC337fEnter drugged horse in a race1y4m2y3y
PC350(a)(1)Manufacture or sale of < 1000 counterfeit marks w/ ≥ 1 prior1y4m2y3y
PC350(a)(2)Manufacture or sale of > 1000 counterfeit marks1y4m2y3y
PC350(a)Mfg or sale counterfeit mark causing GBI/death2y3y4y
PC 367f(a)Knowingly acquire human organs3y4y5y
PC 367f(b)Remove human organs for sale3y4y5y
PC367g(a)Unlawfully use sperm/ova/embryos3y4y5y
PC367g(b)Unlawfully implant sperm/ova/embryos3y4y5y
PC368(d)> $950 Theft from elder/dependent adult  2y3y4y
PC368(e)> $950 Theft from elder/dependent adult by caretaker 2y3y4y
PC368(f)False imprisonment of elder by fraud/ menace/ violence/ deceit2y3y4y
PC374.2(a)Dump unlawful substance w/ ≥ 1 prior1y4m1y8m2y
PC374.8(b)Unauthorized deposit of hazardous substance1y4m2y3y
PC375(a)Willfully employs/uses any gas/liquid/solid toxic substance 1y4m2y3y
PC382.5Sale of dinitrophenol1y4m2y3y
PC382.6Sale of diphenylamine1y4m2y3y
PC386(a)Install inoperable fire system2y3y4y
PC386(a)Install inoperable fire system proximately resulting in GBI/death 5y6y7y
PC387(a)Conceal dangerous business practice1y4m2y3y
PC399.5(a)Own attack dog that bites on 2 occasions or causes substantial physical injury2y3y4y
PC404.6(a)Incite a riot in place of confinement with SBI1y4m2y3y
PC405bTake person from lawful custody by riot/lynching2y3y4y
PC417.3Brandishing firearm at person in vehicle1y4m2y3y
PC417.6Brandishing gun/deadly wpn w/ int’l infliction of SBI 1y4m2y3y
PC422.7Hate crime not otherwise specified1y4m2y3y
PC453(a)Possession of flammable device for malicious use1y4m2y3y
PC459-460(b)Second degree burglary1y4m2y3y
PC470(a)Signing another's/false name on specified financial instrument 1y4m2y3y
PC470(b)Counterfeiting/forging another's seal/handwriting with intent to defraud1y4m2y3y
PC470(c) Alter/corrupt/falsify specified legal instrument with intent to defraud1y4m2y3y
PC470(d)Falsely makes/alters/forges/counterfeits/utters/ publishes/ passes a specified instrument with intent to defraud1y4m2y3y
PC470aForgery of driver’s license or ID card1y4m2y3y
PC470bPossess forged driver’s license or ID card1y4m2y3y
PC471Makes/forges/alters entry in book of records with intent to defraud1y4m2y3y
PC472Forges/counterfeits the official seal with intent to defraud1y4m2y3y
PC475(a)Possess/receive w/intent to pass forged item1y4m2y3y
PC475(b)Possess unfinished check/money order w/intent to complete it in order to defraud1y4m2y3y
PC475(c) Possess completed check/money order w/intent to pass in order to defraud1y4m2y3y
PC476Make/pass/utter/publish or attempt a check/note w/ intent to defraud 1y4m2y3y
PC478-477Counterfeits gold/silver coin/dust/bars/bullion or sells/provides as payment w/intent to defraud2y3y4y
PC478-479Possessing counterfeit gold/silver coin/dust/bars/bullion w/intent to sell/pass w/intent to defraud2y3y4y
PC478-480(a)Make or possess counterfeit die/apparatus2y3y4y
PC478-481Counterfeit railroad/steamship pass/fare1y4m2y3y
PC483.5(a)Mnf/sale/transportation of deceptive ID1y4m2y3y
PC484bDivert construction loan > $2,3501y4m2y3y
PC484e(a)Sells/transfers/conveys an access card w/intent to defraud1y4m2y3y
PC484e(b)In 12 months, acquires access card issued to ≥ 4 persons1y4m2y3y
PC484e(d)Possess access card accourt information w/intent to use it fradulently 1y4m2y3y
PC484f(a)Designs/alters/makes a counterfeit access card w/intent to defraud1y4m2y3y
PC484f(b)Signs name of another to an access card w/intent to defraud1y4m2y3y
PC484gUses an altered access card w/intent to defraud/ false representation to use access card to obtain item > $9501y4m2y3y
PC484h(a)Knowlingly honor a false access card to obtain items         > $9501y4m2y3y
 484h(b)Receive payment for items not furnished > $9501y4m2y3y
PC484i(b)Makes/alters/changes access card account info on card w/intent to defraud1y4m2y3y
PC484i(c)Make/possess counterfeit access cards1y4m2y3y
PC487(a)Grand theft of money/labor/real property for value    > $9501y4m2y3y
PC487(b)(1)(A)Grand theft of fowl/farm crops for value > $2501y4m2y3y
PC487(b)(2)Grand theft of fish/aquacultural products from commercial/research for value > $2501y4m2y3y
PC487(b)(3)Grand theft by employee of money/labor/real property/ personal property for value ≥ $950 in 12 months1y4m2y3y
PC487(c) Grand theft from person of another1y4m2y3y
PC487(d)(1)Grand theft of an automobile/specified farm animal 1y4m2y3y
PC487a(a)Steals/takes/transports specified animal carcass1y4m2y3y
PC487a(b)Steals/takes/transports a portion of specified animal carcass, killed w/o consent1y4m2y3y
PC487bGrand theft by converting > $250 real estate1y4m2y3y
PC487dGrand theft of gold dust, amalgam, quicksilver1y4m2y3y
PC487eSteals/takes/carries away a dog > $9501y4m2y3y
PC487h(a)Steals/takes/carries away cargo > $9501y4m2y3y
PC487iDefraud public housing authority > $4001y4m2y3y
PC496(a)Buy or receive stolen property > $9501y4m2y3y
PC496(b)Swap meet vendor buy stolen property > $9501y4m2y3y
PC496(d)Attempted 496 1y4m2y3y
PC496a(a)Buy or receive stolen RR/utility property1y4m2y3y
PC496d(a)Purchase or receive stln vhcl, trailer, const equip, vessel1y4m2y3y
PC499c(c)Theft of trade secrets1y4m2y3y
PC499dSteal or operate aircraft w/o consent of owner1y4m2y3y
PC500(a)Receive/transmit ≥ $950 to foreign country1y4m2y3y
PC502(c)(1)Knowingly  w/o permission use computer services1y4m2y3y
PC502(c)(2)Knowingly  w/o permission use computer services1y4m2y3y
PC502(c)(3)Knwingly  w/o permission use computer & damages > $5k / > $950 computer services / ≥ 1 prior1y4m2y3y
PC502(c)(4)Knowingly  w/o permission use computer services1y4m2y3y
PC502(c)(5)Knowingly use computer services w/o permission 1y4m2y3y
PC502(c)(6)Knowingly w/o permission provide means of computer access & damages > $5k1y4m2y3y
PC502(c)(7)Knowingly w/o permission accesses computer  & damages > $5,0001y4m2y3y
PC502(c)(8)Knwgly w/o perm access cmptr w/ injury/ ≥ 1 prior1y4m2y3y
PC504Embezzlement by a public officer1y4m2y3y
PC504aEmbezzlement by a lessee or bailee1y4m2y3y
PC504bEmbezzlement by debtor 1y4m2y3y
PC505Embezzlement by carrier1y4m2y3y
PC506Embezzlement by fiduciaries of trust1y4m2y3y
PC506bSpecified violation of real estate sales contract1y4m2y3y
PC508Embezzlement by clerk/agent/servant1y4m2y3y
PC520Extortion  w/ force/threat 2y3y4y
PC522Use extortionate means to obtain a signature to transfer property 2y3y4y
PC523Sends/delivers letter w/ threat to extort money2y3y4y
PC524Attempts, by threat, to extort money/property1y4m2y3y
PC529(a)Falsely impersonate another1y4m2y3y
PC529a(a)Mnf/produce/sell/transfer false birth certificate1y4m2y3y
PC530.5(a)Theft-personal ID information w/unlawful use1y4m2y3y
PC530.5(c)(2)Theft personal ID information with prior1y4m2y3y
PC530.5(c)(3)Theft of personal ID info 10+people1y4m2y3y
PC530.5(d)(1)Theft-sell personal information1y4m2y3y
PC530.5(d)(2)Theft-sell personal info for unlawful use1y4m2y3y
PC532a(1)Make false written stmt financial benefit w/ false ID1y4m2y3y
PC532a(2)Make false written stmt financial benefit  w/ false ID1y4m2y3y
PC532a(3)Make false written stmt financial benefit  w/ false ID1y4m2y3y
PC532f(a)Mortgage fraud > $400k1y4m2y3y
PC533Willful defraud of 2nd land buyer1y4m2y3y
PC535Mock auction1y4m2y3y
PC537e(a)Buy/sell ≥ $950 comp chip w/ serial # removed1y4m2y3y
PC538.5False wire, radio, TV communications1y4m2y3y
PC548(a)Defraud insurer2y3y5y
PC549Solicit or refer for insurance fraud1y4m2y3y
PC549Solicit or refer for insurance fraud w/ ≥ 1 prior1y4m2y3y
PC550(a)(1)Present false or fraudulent claim2y3y5y
PC550(a)(2)Present multiple claims for same injury to defraud2y3y5y
PC 550(a)(3)Participate in vehicular accident to defraud2y3y5y
PC550(a)(4)Present false claim for theft/damage to car2y3y5y
PC 550(a)(5)Make writing to support false or fraudulent claim2y3y5y
PC550(a)(6)Present false or fraud health care claim > $9502y3y5y
PC550(a)(7)Submit claim for health care benefit not used > $9502y3y5y
PC 550(a)(8)Multi claims for same health care benefit > $9502y3y5y
PC550(a)(9)Present undercharge for payment > $9502y3y5y
PC550(b)(1)Present false statement to support ins claim2y3y5y
PC550(b)(2)Prepare false statement to support ins claim2y3y5y
PC550(b)(3)Conceal occurrence amount of insurance benefit2y3y5y
PC550(b)(4)Make false residence stmt for vehicle insurance2y3y5y
PC551(a)Unlawful referral to auto repair dealer > $9501y4m2y3y
PC551(b)Auto repair dealer defrauding insurance company1y4m2y3y
PC560Unlawful issuance or transfer1y4m2y3y
PC560.4Unlawful issuance of duplicate1y4m2y3y
PC566Possess/use/destroy brand registration by unauthorized person > $9501y4m2y3y
PC570-571Unlawful subleasing of motor vehicle1y4m2y3y
PC577Fictitious bills of lading, receipts, or vouchers1y4m2y3y
PC578Fictitious warehouse receipts1y4m2y3y
PC580Duplicate receipts or vouchers1y4m2y3y
PC581Unauthorized sale by warehouseman1y4m2y3y
PC587(a)Removes/displaces/injure/obstruct railroad tracks1y4m2y3y
PC587(b)Places obstruction on railroad tracks1y4m2y3y
PC587.1(b)Move locomotive with risk of personal inj/death1y4m2y3y
PC591Injure/tap telegraph/telephone/TV line1y4m2y3y
PC593Injure electrical power line1y4m2y3y
PC594(a)(1)Deface by vandalism with damages  ≥ $4001y4m2y3y
PC594(a)(2)Damage by vandalism with damages ≥ $4001y4m2y3y
PC594(a)(3)Destroy by vandalism with damages ≥ $4001y4m2y3y
PC594.3(a)Vandalism of place of worship or cemetery1y4m2y3y
PC594.3(b)Hate crime vandalism of place of worship or cemetery1y4m2y3y
PC594.35(a)Destroys memorial in cemetery1y4m2y3y
PC594.35(b)Obliterates grave1y4m2y3y
PC594.35(c)Destroys mortuary building1y4m2y3y
PC594.35(d)Disturbs person carrying human remains to cemetery1y4m2y3y
PC594.4(a)Vandalism by use of butyric acid/caustic substance1y4m2y3y
PC597(a)Kill/maim/abuse an animal1y4m2y3y
PC597(b)Cruelty to an animal1y4m2y3y
PC597(c)Cruelty to a protected/endangered species1y4m2y3y
PC597.5(a)(1)Own/train for/conduct/attend dog fight1y4m2y3y
PC597.5(a)(2)Cause dog fight for amusement1y4m2y3y
PC597.5(a)(3)Permit dog fight on any premises/aid or abet1y4m2y3y
PC601(a)(1)Trespass residence – w/in 30d of credible threat1y4m2y3y
PC601(a)(2)Trespass workplace – w/in 30d credible threat1y4m2y3y
PC610Masking/altering/removing light/signal1y4m2y3y
PC617Destroy another’s written instrument1y4m2y3y
PC620Alter telegraphic or telephone message1y4m2y3y
PC621Deface law enforcement or firefighter memorial1y4m2y3y
PC625b(b)Tamper w/ aircraft making unsafe1y4m2y3y
PC626.9(b)Possess firearm in a school zone2y3y5y
PC626.9(d)Att'd discharge/discharge of firearm in a school zone3y5y7y
PC626.9(h)Possess loaded gun upon college grounds2y3y4y
PC626.9(i)Bring gun upon college grounds1y2y3y
PC626.95(a)Possession wpn upon play ground/youth center 1y2y3y
PC626.10(a)(1)Bring/possess weapon on grade school grounds1y4m2y3y
PC626.10(b)Bring/possess wpn college/university grounds1y4m2y3y
PC629.84Any violation of §§629.50-629.961y4m2y3y
PC636(a)Electronic eavesdrop/rec confidential conv of inmate1y4m2y3y
PC636(b)Eavesdrop on confidential conversation of inmate1y4m2y3y
PC637Wrongfully disclose telephone conversation1y4m2y3y
PC647.6(b)Child molest-inhabited dwelling1y4m2y3y
PC647.6Child molest with specified prior1y4m2y3y
PC647.6Child molest w/specified prior felony & minor is less than 16 years old2y4y6y 
PC653f(a)Solicitation to commit a felony – not murder1y4m2y3y
PC653f(c)Solicitation to commit sex crime by force/violence2y3y4y
PC653f(d)(1)Solicitation to commit drug offense w/ ≥ 1 prior1y4m2y3y
PC653f(e)Solictn to make false decl abt health care  w/ ≥ 1 prior1y4m2y3y
PC653h(a)Illegal transportation > 1,000 sound rec w/ ≥ 1 prior1y4m2y3y
PC653h(a)(1)Illegally transfer/transp > 1,000 sound recordings2y3y5y
PC653h(a)(2)Illegally transfer/transp w/o consent of ≥ 1,000 sound recordings2y3y5y
PC653h(d)(1)Sell illegal sound rec > 100 sound rec w/ ≥ 1 prior1y4m2y3y
PC653h(d)(2)Sell illegal ≤ 99 sound recordings w/ ≥ 2 priors1y4m2y3y
PC653j(a)Solicit minor to commit specified felony3y5y7y
PC653s(a)Transportation of unauthorized ≥ 1,000 recs of sounds2y3y5y
PC653s(a)Transp of unauthorized recs1y4m2y3y
PC653s(i)Sale/rent of unauthorized rec >100 w/ ≥ 1 prior 1y4m2y3y
PC653s(i)Sale/rent of unauth rec < 100 w/ ≥ 2 priors1y4m2y3y
PC653t(a)Interference w/ emergency citizen's band radio frequency w/ SBI/$10,000 property loss1y4m2y3y
PC653t(d)Malicious interference with emergency communication w/ SBI/ $10,000 property loss1y4m2y3y
PC653u(a)Unauth recording live performance > 1000 articles2y3y5y
PC653u(a)Unauth rec of live perf < 1,000 art w/ ≥ 1 prior1y4m2y3y
PC653w(a)(1)Fail to disclose > 100 articles  recording audio 2y3y5y
PC653w(a)(1)Fail to disclose < 100 audio recording arts w/ ≥ 1 prior1y4m2y3y
PC664(a)Attempts + 1170(h) felony8m1y1y6m
PC666(a)Petty theft with ≥ 3 specified theft priors1y4m2y3y
PC666.5(a)Vehicle theft w/ vehicle theft prior2y3y4y
PC667.5(b)Enh: Prior prison term (mandatory consecutive)1y1y1y
PC836.6(a)Escape from custody w/ force/viol & prox cause SBI2y3y4y
PC836.6(b)Escape from arrest w/ force/viol & prox cause SBI2y3y4y
PC1320(b)Fail to appear after OR release on a felony1y4m2y3y
PC1320.5Fail to appear after bail on a felony1y4m2y3y
PC2772Interfere w/ inmate worker1y4m2y3y
PC*2790Interfere w/convict worker 1y4m2y3y
PC4011.7Escape from hospital by prisoner with force/violence1y4m2y3y
PC4131.5Battery on a non-inmate by an inmate1y4m2y3y
PC4502(a)Possession of weapon by inmate (mnd consecutive)2y3y4y
PC4502(b)Manufacture weapon by inmate (mnd consecutive)1y4m2y3y
PC4533Aid escape of prisoner1y4m2y3y
PC4536(a)Escape from mental health facility/hospital by MDSO (mandatory consecutive )1y4m2y3y
PC4550(a)Rescue capital prisoner2y3y4y
PC4550(b)Rescue non-capital prisoner1y4m2y3y
PC4573(a)Smuggle CS into prison or jail2y3y4y
PC4573.6(a)Possess drugs where prisoners are kept2y3y4y
PC4573.9(a)Sell drugs to state prison inmate2y4y6y
PC4574(a)Smuggle firearm/deadly weapon/explosive in prison2y3y4y
PC4574(b)Smuggle tear gas into prison w/release of tear gas2y3y4y
PC4600(a)Damage to prison or jail property > $9501y4m2y3y
PC11411(c)Terrorize by displaying swastika on ≥ 2 occasions1y4m2y3y
PC11411(d)Terrorize by burning cross1y4m2y3y
PC11413(a)Use of explosives in acts of terrorism3y5y7y
PC11418(a)(1)Possess weapon of mass destruction4y8y12y
PC11418(a)(2)Possess WOMD w/ specified prior5y10y15y
PC11419(a)Possess restricted biological agents4y8y12y
PC12022(a)(1)Enh: Armed with firearm (mandatory consecutive)1y1y1y
PC12022(a)(2)Enh: Armed with assault weapon (mnd consec)3y3y3y
PC12022(c)Enh: Armed w/firearm in drug offense3y4y5y
PC12022(d)Enh: Knowledge of firearm in drug offense1y2y3y
PC12035(b)(1)Criminal storage of a firearm of the 1st degree1y4m2y3y
PC12040(a)Criminal possession of firearm1y4m2y3y
PC12072(a)(1)Sale of firearm to ex-felon2y3y4y
PC12072(a)(2)Unlawful transfer of firearm1y4m2y3y
PC12072(a)(3)Unlawful transfer of firearm to a minor1y4m2y3y
PC12072(a)(4)Unlawful transfer of firearm1y4m2y3y
PC12072(a)(5)Unlawful transfer of firearm1y4m2y3y
PC12072(b)Delivery of handgun1y4m2y3y
PC12072(b)Sale of firearm to minor2y3y4y
PC12072(c)(1)Unlawful deliver of firearm1y4m2y3y
PC12072(c)(3)Unlawful deliver of firearm1y4m2y3y
PC12072(c)(4)Unlawful deliver of firearm1y4m2y3y
PC12072(c)(5)Unlawful deliver of firearm1y4m2y3y
PC12072(c)(6)Unlawful deliver of firearm1y4m2y3y
PC12072(d)Transfer of handgun w/o licensed dealer1y4m2y3y
PC12072(e)Collusion in transfer of firearm 1y4m2y3y
PC12072(g)(4)Enh: Unlawful transfer of firearm (mandatory consec)1y2y3y
PC12072(g)(2)(B)-(E)Unlwfl trnsfr firearm w/ prior/prhbtd prsn/186.222y3y4y
PC12076(b)(1)Furnish fictitious firearm registration information8m1y1y6m
PC12076(c)(1)Furnish fictitious firearm reg info electronically8m1y1y6m
PC12090Alter or deface ID mark on firearm1y4m2y3y
PC12101(a)(1)Minor in possession of firearm1y4m2y3y
PC12101Minor in possession of firearm w/ ≥ 1specified prior1y4m2y3y
PC12220(a)Possess or transport machine guns1y4m2y3y
PC12220(b)Conversion/sale/manufacture of machine gun4y6y8y
PC12280(a)(1)Make/transport/sell/possess assault weapon .50 BMG4y6y8y
PC12280(a)(2)Enh: Sale/transfer assault weapon to minor 1y1y1y
PC12280(b)Possession of assault weapon1y4m2y3y
PC12303.3Explosion of destructive device in public place3y5y7y
PC12303.6Sale or transportation of destructive device2y3y4y
PC12304Sell, possess or transport fixed ammunition w/ ≥ 1 prior1y4m2y3y
PC12312Intend to make destructive device w/o permit2y3y4y
PC12320Possess armor piercing ammunition1y4m2y3y
PC12355(a)Place or maintain a booby-trap device2y3y5y
PC12355(b)Possess w/ intent to use as a booby-trap device1y4m2y3y
PC12370Possession of body armor by violent striker 1y4m2y3y
PC12403.7(g)Illegal use of tear gas and tear gas weapon1y4m2y3y
PC12422Alteration of manufacturer name, serial #, mark1y4m2y3y
PC12520Possession of firearm silencer1y4m2y3y
PC18715(a)Possession of destructive device or explosive 2y4y6y
PC18720Possession w/o permit materials make destructive device or explosive2y3y4y
PC18725Carrying or placing destructive device or explosive on passenger aircraft2y4y6y
PC18730Sale of transportation of destructive devices2y3y4y
PC18735(a)Sale or transport of ammo > .60 caliber w/ ≥ 1 prior1y4m2y3y
PC18740Possess, explode,/ ignites destructive device or explosive w/intent to injure/intimidate/terrify3y5y7y
PC20110(a)Assembles/maintains/places a booby-trap device2y3y5y
PC20110(b)Poss’n of any device w/ intent to use as a booby-trap 1y4m2y3y
PC22810(g)(1)Use of tear gas1y4m2y3y
PC22810(g)(2)Use of tear gas against peace officer1y4m2y3y
PC22910Remove/alter serial # on tear gas weapon1y4m2y3y
PC23900Remove firearm ID w/o written permission1y4m2y3y
PC25110Criminal storage of firearm1y4m2y3y
PC25300(a)Carrying firearm in public place masking identity 1y4m2y3y
PC25400(a)Carrying a loaded & unregistered firearm 1y4m2y3y
PC25400(a)Carrying firearm w/ ≥ 1 prior against person/ property/ drug offense1y4m2y3y
PC25850Carrying loaded & unregistered firearm in public 1y4m2y3y
PC25850Carrying a loaded firearm in public w/ ≥ 1 prior conviction against person/property/ drug offense1y4m2y3y
PC27500(a)Sale/delivery of a firearm to a known prohibited person2y3y4y
PC27500(b)Sale/delivery of firearm to prohibited person1y4m2y3y
PC27500(b)Enh: Sale/delivery of firearm to prohibited person + felony conviction using a firearm1y2y3y
PC27510Licensed dealer sell/supply/dlvr firearm to a minor2y3y4y
PC27510Licensed dealer sell/supply/deliver firearm to a person under 21 years old 1y4m2y3y
PC27510Enh: Licensed dealer sell/supply/deliver firearm to person under 21 + subsequent felony conviction using firearm1y2y3y
PC27515Sell/loan/transfer where dealer knows person is not actual purchaser of firearm 1y4m2y3y
PC27520Sell firearm w/ intent to violate specified gun laws1y4m2y3y
PC27540(a)Dealer deliver firearm w/in 10 days of purchase1y4m2y3y
PC27540(c)Dealer deliver firearm w/o verifying ID or age of purchaser1y4m2y3y
PC27540(d)Dealer deliver firearm to prohibited person1y4m2y3y
PC27540(e)Dealer delivers firearm w/o proof of handgun safety certificate1y4m2y3y
PC27540(f)Dealer delivers firearm to purchaser w/ pending DOJ application1y4m2y3y
PC27545Completing sale of firearm w/o a license1y4m2y3y
PC27550Collusion re: firearm exam/safety course1y4m2y3y
PC27590(b)Sale/lease/trnsfr firearm + specified prior2y3y4y
PC27590(b)Sale/lease/trnsfr firearm + prohibited person2y3y4y
PC28250(b)Furnish false information8m12m1y6m
PC29700Unlawful possession of concealable weapon by minor in Ch. 1: Juveniles1y4m2y3y
PC30315Possession of metal or armor piercing ammunition1y4m2y3y
PC30600(a)Manufacture/distribute/transport assault weapon4y6y8y
PC30600(b)Enh: Lends weapon to minor1y1y1y
PC30605Possession of assault weapons1y4m2y3y
PC30720Failing to relinquish SKS rifles1y4m2y3y
PC31360Possession of body armor by violent striker 1y4m2y3y
PC32625(a)Possession or transportation of machine gun1y4m2y3y
PC32625(b)Convert into machine gun/sell/mnf machine gun4y6y8y
PC33410Possession of silencer1y4m2y3y
H&S1390Any willful violation HS Code Ch. 2.2 §§1340-1399.8351y4m2y3y   
H&S1522.01(c)Enh: Use of 290 reg information to commit felony5y5y5y   
H&S1621.5(a)Donate blood/body organs/fluids with knowledge of AIDS/HIV +2y4y6y   
H&S7051Removing human remains w/intent to sell/dissect1y4m2y3y   
H&S7051.5Remove gold or silver from human remains1y4m2y3y   
H&S8113.5(a)Interring the remains of > 1 body in a single plot w/ a prior w/in 1 year 1y4m2y3y   
H&S8113.5(a)Interring the remains of > 1 body in a single plot w/ ≥ 2 priors1y4m2y3y   
H&S8785Misappropriation of endowment/special care funds of §§ 8700-87851y4m2y3y   
H&S11100(f)(1)Failure to submit transaction report w/ ≥ 1 prior1y4m2y3y   
H&S11100.1(a)Obtaining substances from sources outside state w/ ≥ 1 prior1y4m2y3y   
H&S11105(a)False statement in connection with DOJ report1y4m2y3y   
H&S11105(a)False statement in connection with DOJ report w/ ≥ 1 prior2y3y4y   
H&S11153(a)Illegitimate prescription for CS  1y4m2y3y   
H&S11153.5(a)Furnishing CS for other than legitimate medical purposes1y4m2y3y   
H&S11162.5(a)Counterfeit prescription blank/possession of > 3 counterfeited blank prescriptions 1y4m2y3y   
H&S11350(a)Possession of CS/depressants1y4m2y3y   
H&S11350(b)Possession of CS/depressants1y4m2y3y   
H&S11351Possession for sale - CS 2y3y4y   
H&S11351.5Possession for sale - cocaine base3y4y5y   
H&S11352(a)Sale/transportation of CS3y4y5y   
H&S 11352(b)Transportation CS between counties3y6y9y   
H&S11353.5Sale of CS by adult to minor upon school grounds/play ground/ day care5y7y9y   
H&S11353.6(b)Enh: Sale of CS w/in 1000 feet of school3y4y5y   
H&S11353.6(c)Enh: Sale of CS to minor ≥ 4 yrs younger than D3y4y5y   
H&S11353.7Sale of CS to ≤ 14 years old by adult in public park3y6y9y   
HS11355Sale/furn/del substance falsely represented to be a CS1y4m2y3y   
H&S11357(a)Possession of concentrated cannabis1y4m2y3y   
H&S11358Marijuana cultivation1y4m2y3y   
H&S11359Possession for sale - marijuana 1y4m2y3y   
H&S11360(a)Transport/distribute/import - marijuana2y3y4y   
H&S11366.5(a)Rent/lease room/building/space for manufacture/store/distribution of any CS for sale 1y4m2y3y   
H&S11366.5(a)Rent/lease room/building/space for manufacture/store/distribution of any CS for sale w/ ≥ 1 prior2y3y4y   
H&S11366.5(b)Allow fortification to suppress law enforcement entry 2y3y4y   
H&S11366.6Utilizing fortified space to sell/manufacture/ possess for sale specified CS 3y4y5y   
H&S11366.8(a)Possess/use control false compartment to store/transport CS1y4m2y3y   
H&S11366.8(b)Build false compartment to store CS1y4m2y3y   
H&S11370.6(a)Possess  > $100,000 from CS transaction2y3y4y   
H&S11371Commit/induce minor to commit specific H&S offense 1y4m2y3y   
H&S11371.1Commit/induce minor to commit specific Rx fraud1y4m2y3y   
H&S11374.5Hazard material disposal by CS manufacturer2y3y4y   
H&S11377(a)Possession of non-narcotic specified CS1y4m2y3y   
H&S11378Possession for sale - specified CS1y4m2y3y   
H&S11378.5Possession for sale - PCP/PCP analog  or precursor 3y4y5y   
H&S11379(a)Transport/furnish specified CS2y3y4y   
H&S11379(b)Transport for sale between counties specified CS3y6y9y   
H&S11379.5(a)Transport/furnish/sell/import into state - PCP3y4y5y   
H&S11379.5(b)Transport for sale between counties - PCP3y6y9y   
H&S11379.6(a)Manufacture specified CS3y5y7y   
H&S11379.6(c)Offer to manufacture specified CS3y4y5y   
H&S11380.7(a)Enh: Trafficking near shelter/drug rehab facility1y1y1y   
HS11382Substitute fraudulent CS for sale1y4m2y3y   
H&S11383(b)Possess isomer materials to manufacture PCP/PCP analog2y4y6y   
H&S11383(c)Possession of isomer w/intent to manufacture PCP 2y4y6y   
H&S11383(d)Possession of immediate precursors to manufacture PCP2y4y6y   
H&S11383.5(a)Possess chemicals to manufacture methamphetamine2y4y6y   
H&S11383.5(b)(1)Possess ephedrine to manufacture methamphetamine2y4y6y   
H&S11383.5(b)(2)Possess hydriodic acid to manufacture methamphetamine2y4y6y   
H&S11383.5(c)Possess isomer materials to manufacture methamphetamine2y4y6y   
H&S11383.5(d)Possess immediate precursors to manufacture methamphetamine2y4y6y   
H&S11383.5(e)Possess essential chemicals to manufacture methamphetamine2y4y6y   
H&S11383.5(f)Possess essential compound/mix manufacture methamphetamine2y4y6y   
H&S11383.6(a)Possess PCP precursors with intent to sell/transfer/furnish1y4m2y3y   
H&S11383.6(b)Possess PCP isomers with intent to sell/transfer/furnish1y4m2y3y   
H&S11383.6(c)Possess PCP compound/mix with intent to sell/transfer/furnish1y4m2y3y   
H&S11383.6(d)Possess immediate precursors w/ intent to sell/transfer/furnish1y4m2y3y   
H&S11383.7(a)Possess meth chemicals with intent to sell/transfer/furnish1y4m2y3y   
H&S11383.7(b)(1)Possess ephedrine with intent to sell/transfer/furnish1y4m2y3y   
H&S11383.7(b)(2)Possess hydriodic acid with intent to sell/transfer/furnish1y4m2y3y   
H&S11383.7(c)Possess meth isomers with intent to sell/transfer/furnish1y4m2y3y   
H&S11383.7(d)Possess immediate precursors w/intent to sell/transfer/furnish1y4m2y3y   
H&S11383.7(e)Possess essential chemicals w/intent to sell/transfer/furnish1y4m2y3y   
H&S11383.7(f)Possess compound/mix with intent to sell1y4m2y3y   
H&S12401Any violation of Part 1 – High Explosives: §12000-124011y4m2y3y   
H&S12700(b)(3)Possession of fireworks 100-5,000 pounds1y4m2y3y   
H&S12700(b)(4)Possession of fireworks > 5,000 pounds1y4m2y3y   
H&S17601(b)Any willful violation of Part 1 EE Housing Act: §§17000-17061 causing personal injury2y3y4y   
H&S18124.5Forge/counterfeits/falsifies certificate of title/certificate1y4m2y3y   
H&S25162(c) Knowingly transports hazardous waste1y4m1y8m2y   
H&S25162(d)Knowingly delivers hazardous waste1y4m1y8m2y   
H&S25162(e)Transporting hazardous waste to a foreign country1y4m1y8m2y   
H&S25180.7(b)City employee knows of illegal discharge of hazardous waste & likely cause substantial injury to public health/safety1y4m2y3y   
H&S25189.5(b)Unlawful disposal of hazardous waste1y4m2y3y   
H&S25189.5(b)Enh: Unlawful disposal of hazardous waste w/GBI1y2y3y   
H&S25189.5(c)Unlawful transportation of hazardous waste1y4m2y3y   
H&S25189.5(c)Enh: Unlawful transportation of hazardous waste w/GBI1y2y3y   
H&S25189.5(d)Unlawfully store hazardous waste1y4m2y3y   
H&S25189.5(d)Enh: Unlawfully store hazardous waste w/GBI1y2y3y   
H&S25189.6(a)Unlawful hazardous waste handling/disposal/storage causing serious injury/death1y4m2y3y   
H&S25189.6(b)Unlawful hazard waste handling w/risk to others3y6y9y   
H&S25189.7(b)Burn hazardous waste1y4m2y3y   
H&S25189.7(b)Enh: Burn hazardous waste w/GBI (mandatory consecutive)1y2y3y   
H&S25190Violate §§25100-25258 of Ch. 6.5 w/ ≥ 1 prior1y4m1y8m2y   
H&S25191(b)(1)Make false statement/representation re: hazardous waste w/ ≥ 1 prior1y4m1y8m2y   
H&S25191(b)(2)Possession of altered/concealed record of storage/treatment/transportation/disposal of hazardous waste1y4m1y8m2y   
H&S25191(b)(3)Destroys/alters/conceals record of storage/treatment/transportation/disposal of hazardous waste1y4m1y8m2y   
H&S25191(b)(4)Withholds info of a real/substantial danger to public safety/health1y4m1y8m2y   
H&S25191(b)(5)Transportation of hazardous waste1y4m1y8m2y   
H&S25191(b)(6)Produces/receives/stores/disposes hazardous waste1y4m1y8m2y   
H&S25191(b)(7)Transports waste1y4m1y8m2y   
H&S25395.13(b)Site manager treats/handles/transports/disposes hazardous substance that causes serious injury/death 1y4m2y3y   
H&S25507(a)Release/threaten release of haz material w/ ≥ 1 prior1y4m1y8m2y   
H&S25541Make false statement/non-compliance with article w/ ≥ 1 prior1y2y3y   
H&S42400.3(c)Emit air contaminant w/ GBI/death1y4m2y3y   
H&S44209Falsify test record1y4m2y3y   
H&S100895(a)(1) Makes false statement/representation of record w/ ≥ 1 prior1y4m1y8m2y   
H&S100895(a)(2)Possession of altered/concealed record w/ ≥ 1 prior1y4m1y8m2y   
H&S100895(a)(3) Destroy/alter/conceal record w/ ≥ 1 prior1y4m1y8m2y   
H&S100895(a)(4) Withhold requested information w/ ≥ 1 prior1y4m1y8m2y   
H&S109335Failure to comply w/ regs in cure of cancer w/ ≥ 2 priors1y4m2y3y   
H&S115215(b)(1)Disposal of radioactive material causing substantial danger to public health/safety1y4m2y3y   
H&S115215(b)(2)Disposal of radioactive material w/GBI3y5y7y   
H&S115215(c)(1)Transports radioactive material causing substantial danger to public health/safety1y4m2y3y   
H&S115215(c)(2)Transports radioactive material w/GBI3y5y7y   
H&S116730(a)(1)Makes false statement/representation of record w/ ≥ 1 prior1y4m1y8m2y   
H&S116730(a)(2)Possession of altered/concealed record w/ ≥ 1 prior1y4m1y8m2y   
H&S116730(a)(3)Destroy/alter/conceal record w/ ≥ 1 prior1y4m1y8m2y   
H&S116730(a)(4)Withhold requested information w/ ≥ 1 prior1y4m1y8m2y   
H&S116750(a)Tamper w/ public water system3y4y5y   
H&S116750(b)Tampers/threatens to tamper w/ public water system1y4m2y3y   
H&S118340(a)Transport medical waste w/ ≥ 1 prior within 3 years1y2y3y   
H&S118340(d)Knowingly violate any part of Part 14 Medical Waste - §§117600-1183601y2y3y   
H&S131130Sale of goods linked to outbreak w/ ≥ 1 prior1y4m2y3y   

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