Volunteer and Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, just a short distance from San Francisco and beautiful California beaches, the Office of the Public Defender of Santa Clara County offers many outstanding job opportunities. In addition to attorneys we have highly trained, well qualified support staff, which includes investigators, paralegals and clerks. Working together in a highly supportive environment they provide the highest quality legal services to our clients. Hiring for each of the positions is conducted on a civil service basis. For specific job information and applications please visit the  Employee Service Agency, County of Santa Clara​.

To hear a recent new employee discussing what it's like to be a Public Defender please click on this  KCBS Interview with DPD Avi Singh #1.


Volunteer Opportunities

The Office has a variety of general internships available for law students and undergraduate students assisting lawyers, or paralegals as a volunteer or for school credit. Each provides valuable experience for individuals interested in pursuing employment in the criminal justice system.

Please complete the application and direct inquiries about internships to Personnel Secretary, Office of the Public Defender, 120 West Mission Street, San Jose, CA 95110, or via email to [email protected].


Legal Research Clerk Opportunities

Information about bar-certified legal research clerkship opportunities can be found here.


Investigation Division Voluntary Internship For School Credit

Students who are specifically interested in applying for an internship with the Investigation Division for school credit can complete the following  application. Information about the Investigation Internship can be found here.


Temporary, Ex-Help Opportunities

Learn more about Temporary, Extra-help opportunities to work as a Public Defender Investigator or Paralegal here.


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